Consulting & Grading

The Top Issue Sports team brings over 80 years of trading card industry experience to you.  We have built an impeccable reputation with our customers built on trust, integrity and honesty while evaluating and submitting thousands of cards to the leading grading companies on behalf of our customers.  Put our expertise and knowledge to work for you and maximize the value of your collection through our card evaluation and grading submission services. 

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Grading Services:

Unsure of your sports card's true worth? Professional grading services provide an unbiased evaluation of a card's condition. By assigning a grade on a standardized scale, these services establish authenticity and market value, ensuring you get a fair price when buying, selling, or insuring your collection.

Menu of Services:

Prep & Cleaning Services

  • Card Consultation - $3 per card
    • Expert evaluation, assessment and advice
    • Graded and Ungraded  
3rd Party Grading Submissions
  • Raw Card, Crossovers & Reviews - $20 per card
    • Up to $1500 Card Value 
  • Raw Card, Crossovers and Reviews - $100 per card
    • Greater than $1500 Card Value
  • Raw Card - $25 per card
    • Up to $500 Card Value
  • Pokemon Raw Card - $20 per card
    • Up to $200 value
  • Raw Card, Crossover and Reviews - $25 per card
    • Beckett up to $400 Card Value
  • Crossover to PSA - $50 per card
    • Up to $500 value including Card Consultation
  • PSA Grade Review - $50 per card
    • Includes Card Consultation up to $500 value
Additional Services
  • Autograph Authentication Consult - $25 per item
  • Higher value 3rd party grading available upon consultation as well as expedited speeds
**Services can always be added during consultation. We will send you an invoice upon completion and before services are started**
Order Instruction:
  • Complete and submit an order form and service agreement at the links below: