2022-23 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Fat pack, 30 Cards / Pack

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The 2018 Panini Rookies & Stars Football set offers collectors a dynamic and comprehensive collection that celebrates both the emerging stars and established veterans of the NFL. Known for its vibrant designs and diverse array of cards, this set captures the excitement of football season in every pack.
Base Set: The base set of Upper Deck Series 1 features a wide range of cards showcasing veteran players from every NHL team. From established superstars to role players, the base set provides a comprehensive look at the current state of the league. Young Guns Rookie Cards: One of the most coveted aspects of Upper Deck Series 1 is the inclusion of Young Guns rookie cards. These cards feature the most promising rookies from the latest NHL draft class, offering collectors a chance to acquire cards of future stars before they make their mark in the league. Inserts and Parallels: In addition to the base set and Young Guns rookie cards, Upper Deck Series 1 includes a variety of inserts and parallels that add depth and excitement to collectors' sets. These inserts may feature special designs, subsets highlighting specific players or teams, or rare inserts with unique themes. Memorabilia and Autographs: Some of the most sought-after cards in Upper Deck Series 1 are those featuring game-worn memorabilia pieces or autographs from NHL stars. These cards offer collectors a chance to own a piece of the game and add unique items to their collections. Collectible Value: With its mix of base set cards, Young Guns rookie cards, inserts, and autographs, Upper Deck Series 1 provides significant collectible value for hockey card enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the hobby, this set offers plenty of excitement and opportunities to expand your collection.
Shane Wright (Forward) - Considered a generational talent, Wright is expected to be a top pick in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft and could be featured prominently in the Young Guns rookie subset. Matt Savoie (Forward) - Another highly touted prospect for the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, Savoie is expected to make an impact in the NHL and could have a Young Guns rookie card in the set. Brandt Clarke (Defenseman) - Known for his offensive abilities from the blue line, Clarke is expected to be a key rookie in the 2022/23 Upper Deck Series 1 set if he makes his NHL debut early in the season. Other Top Draft Picks - Depending on the draft order and which players make their NHL debut early in the season, other top picks from the 2022 NHL Entry Draft could also have key rookie cards in the set.